Operating on a patient is a privilege, not a right granted by a medical degree.

Surgical_ToolsSuccessful surgery is not only the result of what happens in the operating room. Instead, it is a combination of preparation before, expertise during, and attention to detail after an operation. The surgeon must fully evaluate the patient prior to operating. This ensures proper choice of procedure as well as ensuring the patient can tolerate the surgery. During the procedure, expertise and experience matters; a surgeon must possess the knowledge and experience to make subtle changes in technique as dictated by differences in anatomy and intraoperative findings.  Lastly, appropriate care for the patient after a procedure is the job of the surgeon who performed the surgery.

As a surgeon that believes that operating on a patient is a privilege, I personally take part in care before, during, and after surgery. At the first meeting or consultation I will evaluate the current problem as well as the past medical history of the patient. During the procedure, my experience and expertise over the past fifteen years counts. Lastly, after the surgery, it is I who will be monitoring the patient’s progress towards returned health. Every patient should expect this level of care.

I have built a successful  practice in Ventura County over the past fifteen years as a board certified general surgeon. I truly enjoy my chosen field.  Please explore this web site. If my expertise suits your needs, please call and make an appointment. As I have already stated, it will be my privilege!

Brian J. Supple, MD, FACS  


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